Public Speaking

Looking for an engaging and dynamic speaker to share insights about money, online marketing, entrepreneurship, and other interesting topics?

I am an award-winning personal finance expert, known for launching and growing multiple successful blogs. I’ve been a part of other online projects and collaborations. I’ve been asked to speak at conferences, training events, and leadership meetings.

My speaking focuses on practical, actionable advance that you can go home and use immediately. I specialize in breaking down complex topics and delivering my information in a no-nonsense and engaging manner. Book me for conference sessions and panels, or on-location workshops.

Tom Drake Speaking

Session and workshop topics

Family Finance

Kickstart your family’s future and stop living pay cheque to pay cheque. I’ll show you how to save money, plan for the future, and even create memories through family vacations. All without going into debt.

Technology and personal finance

Let me show you how to use the technological tools available today to better manage your money. I offer primers on how to use helpful tools like Mint, or how you can use technology to start investing.


Ready to get more done and live a better life? I can share the productivity hacks that allow me to focus on the essentials in life and get more done with my day.

Tom Drake Speaking

Monetize your blog

Want to build an online blog empire? I’ll share how I went from side-gig entrepreneur to making more with my online ventures than I do with my day job. I can help you learn how to use various tools and programs to start a blog, build traffic, and build another revenue stream.

Leverage search engines and social media

One of my most successful talks was given on SEO and recovering from Panda and Penguin. If you are looking for help optimizing your site the right way, I can provide you with information on making the most of what you have.

On top of that, I can show you how to use social media to grow traffic to your blog and get noticed.

WordPress tools and tips

WordPress has changed the way we think of publishing, and you can take advantage. I can show you how to use different themes, plugins, and provide design tips.

Past Events


How Site Quality Signals Are the New SEO



– FinCon16


Selling Products on Your Blog



– 2015 Canadian Personal Finance Conference


Give Google What They Want: Beat Panda and Penguin (Plus Protect Yourself in the Future)



– FinCon15


Better Results in Less Time: 5 Surprising Tools for Running Your Blog



– FinCon14